Your Online Distance Learning Mentor

What are your dreams? What are your goals? Distance learning provides a solid option for realizing those dreams and goals.

Online learning has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, and you have many options now for online colleges and online degrees.

Having all those options can be good, but it can also make your decisions difficult. Navigating all of the choices can be daunting.

If you are new to distance education, do you know...

  • ...what technology you need?
  • prospective employers will view your online degree?
  • ...if you will be more...or less...desirable than job candidates with degrees from "traditional" brick-and-mortar institutions?
  • important it is for an online college to be accredited?
  • ...what accreditation means?
  • ...what financial aid options are available for online degree programs?
  • ...if you have the study and time management skills needed to survive as an online student?

At, we've assembled a world-class team of experienced online educators to provide you with the straight scoop on all of these topics.

And many students in online degree programs also share their experiences here so you can learn from their challenges, and their successes.

It's like having a whole staff of distance education mentors available just for you. Have other questions? Contact us, and we'll have one of our pros address your question here on the site.

The Changing Impression of Distance Learning

Gone are the days where people assumed that online degrees were not as prestigious or valuable as a degree from a "brick-and-mortar" educational institution.

Consumer demand (that's you!) has led to colleges offering solid degree programs that can often prepare students even better than traditional/in-person degree programs. And online students are often more motivated than someone in a traditional college program.

Is Distance Learning More Effective Than "Traditional" Education?

A recent study showed that 100% online education can be as effective as face-to-face education (U.S. Department of Education, 2010).

In this same study, "blended" settings (where some instruction is online, and some is face-to-face) showed even greater success than solely face-to-face learning.

But listen to what students say...those who have received online degrees know the best. We have guidance and stories from many online students right here on Distance Learning Pros.

Superior Course Content

From a content perspective, distance education is often "lighter on its feet," able to incorporate the most up-to-date information into course materials.

Some online colleges even don't use traditional print textbooks. The fact that most textbooks were written at least 3-4 years ago shows that they can often be outdated. Instructors in online courses can easily incorporate information as recent as a few minutes ago into their course teachings.

And employers are recognizing this. Online degrees now mean that you are prepared with the latest information, skills, and technology to respond to their business needs.

Technology: The Key to Distance Learning

Technology is a big part of what makes distance education more effective than its traditional counterpart. We've all seen how technology has improved and enhanced virtually every other aspect of our why not education? But that means you also need to be comfortable using the technology required by online colleges.

The Bottom Line

Though there are certainly disadvantages to online learning (which you'll learn about here), the bottom line is that it is here to stay. Distance education is becoming more and more the "norm" than the exception.

From flexibility to lower cost to more connectedness with instructors, the advantages of distance education are beginning to outnumber the advantages of a traditional education.

But you must decide whether distance learning is right for you. Let us help you make the smartest decisions about your online's your money, and it's your life.

Use the advice and experiences from the instructors and students on this site to help you decide whether you can achieve your dreams and goals through distance education.